Bridge Engineering

S. No.

Scope of work


Flyover Bridge at Khaperkheda - an 800 m long curved flyover bridge over railway siding at Khaperkheda Thermal Power Plant with ramps & viaduct.


Four lane balanced cantilever prestressed box girder bridge at Zainakadal at Srinagar with piers on well foundation and abutments on bored pile foundations.


2-lane Semi- through type steel bridge at Hawl in District Phulwana in J & K State, on open foundations.


Syed Mansoor Bridge - A four Lane under slung steel composite construction in J & K State, on bored pile foundation.


4 - Lane Arch Bridge on Northern Fore - shore Road at Dal Lake in Srinagar, on well foundations.


2-Lane Arch Bridge at Naidiyar Rainawari in J & K on well foundations.


Pretensioned Concrete Bridge between Bawal & Ajarka (SABI BRIDGE) on Western Railway for M/S Hindustan Prefab Ltd. in Association with M/S S. Chatterjee & Associates. Approx. Length of bridge 680 meters


Preparation of Structural design and drawings for Concrete Bridge under runway over Mithi river at Mumbai Airport for various aircrafts loading on Behalf of M/S NCB, Balabgarh


Preparation of and supply of detailed bill of quantities, detailed cost estimate technical specifications and special conditions of contract for Main bridge, Approaches and river training works & protection works for 4.9 Km long rail bridge across river Ganga at Patna on behalf of M/S RITES (Work Order No. RITES/P/DP/GANGA/GC/VOLIX Dated 2/5/01)


Preliminary design calculations of ROB and Viaduct in approaches of 4.9 Km long rail bridge across river Ganga at Patna on behalf of RITES (Work Order No. RITES/P/DP/GANGA/GC/VOL IX dated 15/5/01).


Prepared 25 Nos of drawings for minor bridges of Quazigund –Baramula Rail Link on behalf of M/S RITES (Work order No. RITES/CO/RECED /QUAZIGUND -BARAMULA/2000 dated 5/8/02)


Preparation of design and drawings for 10 Nos bridges for railway track near Birsinghpur for SANJAY GANDHI THERMAL POWER PLANT on behalf of RITES (work order No.RITES/RTP//MPEB-BIR/STAGE-V/2002/618 dated 2/5/2003)


Preparation of design and drawings & BOQ for 25 Nos bridges for TALCHER SUPER THERMAL POWER PROJECT, STAGE-II on behalf of RITES (Work Order No. RITES/P/RI/RCED/TALCHER/2004 dated 23/1/04)